Program Portfolio and Foundation Plus program at University of the Arts London & ISCA

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Portfolio one-year program is designed for foreign and British students who are qualified enough for university admission, but do not have the necessary amount of the portfolio.

Portfolio Program allows students to develop the skills needed to create your own portfolio, demonstrating the wide creative possibilities of the student.

The following program for AS-level “Art & Design” Portfolio program offers a large number of individually-oriented workshops, projects and other activities in the studios for the development of professional skills in the field of fine art, photography, graphics and textiles.

Cooperation with the London University of the Arts allows students who successfully complete their studies at the school, to go to university, get the added benefit of communicating with responsive teaching staff, participation in motivational projects, as well as the various activities aimed at the development of creativity.

The program provides opportunities to prepare students for Foundation Diploma course at London University of the Arts, or in any other UK university. In addition, the school provides the opportunity to attend additional classes in English as a foreign language for students with insufficient knowledge of the language.

Foundation Plus at Central Saint Martin’s College is an intensive summer course, ensuring cooperation at the stage of obtaining a degree from London University of the Arts at the end of the program in the school.

Foundation Plus is not included in the biennial program A-Level and is accelerated summer courses, the college Central Saint Martin’s, which is part of London University of the Arts. Foundation Plus involves getting graduates with similar qualifications, which provides the Central Saint Martin’s College, run the program.

As a prerequisite for a degree in the best universities, this intensive program offers students a unique opportunity to enter the London University of the Arts without going through a full one-year course Foundation Diploma.

The program, developed and controlled by members of the university involves close contact with teachers of university colleges Foundation Plus students (regular interviews, thematic lectures, attending school famous alumni).

Close collaboration with the London University of the Arts allows students to prepare for work and provides dissertation writing help in the creative industry, is highly competitive, and also allows students to meet the requirements, which will be presented to them in higher educational institutions, and the ever-changing global labor market.

About the Author: Mily Derr is a student. She is interested in modern art.