Dreamy cities of Europe: where to go in autumn. Here fall is genuinely beautiful.

Gold autumn is poetical, magic season which everyone wants to spend sincerely.
To get real pleasure and to see the most wonderful autumn, go to one of the most amazing European cities.
Tallinn, Estonia

Imagine the city from fairy-tale: medieval houses, streets, nice buildings from paving stone of pleasant colours, people who are walking around the ancient town wearing historical suits and the severe sea… It is hard to believe in it? In fact, it is an accurate description of Tallinn. Add to this picture gold leaves which are covering the streets and the flavor of fried chestnuts and you’ll understand why it is worth to see Tallinn in autumn.

Paris, France
It is sounds usual but it is true. Paris is beautiful in any season and as to dry warm autumn it is especially wonderful. By the way in rainy weather, this city of love and art holds down its charm.
Walk along embankment of Seine, buy vintage card with the view of the city, make a picnic in one of the most beautiful parks of Paris, admire of Notre-Dame Cathedral, and rise to Montmartre.

Budapest, Hungary
Majestic and at the same time democratic Budapest offers perfect combination of culturally rich but low-budget rest. In autumn it is beautiful like many other European cities but Budapest has its essential “master card”.
The city is situated on hot springs and it is a chance to use it. Only imagine, how amazing will be to spend autumn day bathing in hot waters in luxurious royal bathing-places out in the open.

Brugge, Belgium
This tiny as the country Belgian town is a perfect place for autumn trip. It seems that time has stopped here: architecture hasn’t changed since the Middle Ages, channels with swans. Autumn is a beautiful time to enjoy this beauty.

Prague, Chechia
It is no reason to speak about Prague. It is necessary to visit Prague, even once and you’ll want to come there again and again. You will fall in love with this city from medieval fairy-tales, its architecture and of course cuisine. As to autumn, when the nature changes its colours, Prague is especially beautiful.

London, Great Britain
“London is the capital of Great Britain” and also of the world culture, tasty beer and architecture. In autumn as the whole year round, it is foggy and rainy but warm and wonderful. It is worth even glance at autumn London.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
In Croatia, autumn season lasts till the beginning of October. The sea is still warm and the prices are reasonable. Add to this comfortable temperature, absence of great amount of tourists, fascinating architecture and astonishing nature. Are you still having doubts? In autumn you should definitely go in Dubrovnik.

About the author: Rebecca Smith is a freelanced writer and writes on request help me write my essay, rewriter and translator. She is an owner of tourist company. Rebecca has visited already lots of wonderful corners of the world and knows many interesting things about travelling.