An Unbiased Student Look at

With all my prejudice and skepticism towards writing companies, turned out to be a pleasant exception and here are my freshest and true impressions about this resource.

A plain website, but does it really matter?

Although in terms of layout the website of the company could easily be confused with any other academic service, it has convenient navigation. Clear, maybe standard but neat and comprehensible pages with info about the service make it lucid and easy-to-go.

Of course, the resource lacks blog and some general articles on academic writing. However, it can be explained by a relatively young age of the company, and I hope they will add these sections. Students appreciate them very much.

Still when it comes to a diversity of assignments, EssayGoBuy is head to head with old-timers in the writing industry. It can deal with any paper from essay to dissertation and claims to be qualified in more than 40 subject fields.

What about quality?

I ordered an essay and set my mind on a quite average result that perhaps will need to be revised and improved. But surprisingly enough I got a nearly perfect essay just in two days! You might say that’s a long period for a single essay but mine was rather bulky and needed close research. So, 2 days for such kind of assignment is a rocket high speed. Believe me.

So, back to its quality. What I feared much was plagiarism. It scared me to death as my paper could be banned altogether. Hopefully, I’ve got absolutely original piece with no mistakes except for a couple of typos that I easily removed while reading my essay through. So, in terms of quality, exceeded my expectations.

Is money spent worth the result?

Yes, it is, although the prices are not low. My essay cost me about 45 dollars. However, that’s including premium quality standard. Actually, the total price could have been higher but I used a discount available for each first-time customer.

Take my advice. Want to save more, don’t select additional features such as premium quality or top writer. I think that the company charges too much for these options. Of course, high urgency and additional length of the task you order will run into some bucks for you.

Can one rely on the service?

Although EssaygGoBuy is a rather young player in academic writing niche, and the lack of experience might cause some distrust for its reliability, the company is quite firm in its promises.

I was guaranteed timely order delivery, and I’ve got it. Two-week free revision also works. Plus the company provides complete privacy. Nobody knows my using EssayGoBuy so far. Besides, support service does work 24/7, and no one will dare be rude with you even if you contact the company late at night.

Yes, EssayGoBuy is rather young but with such approach as they practice now, they are sure to grow and get ahead of their competitors very fast.